Paid Vs. Organic SEO Results

When working with web design, it is important to do the correct Keyword Research so that your Organic Search results are as good as possible. But, What is Organic Vs. Paid? What is the benefit of one over the other? Which is right for you?

Organic Search Results

Organic search is a string of words or key phrases that are entered into a search engine. The search engine then combs through its index of websites to find those keywords or phrases. If your site has these keywords in the appropriate density and in the appropriate locations, your site will be at the top. The results greatly depend on the planning and layout of the site that your Web Designer has done. Choosing the right Website Designer is important here.


Paid Google Search Results

Paid Search Results are results are shown when a person using a search engine types in a string of words or Key Phrases. The users of the sites have paid the search engine a set amount of money per click. These search engines will then place them at the top of the page. These are helpful in driving traffic to your site, however, your Web Designer has to be smartĀ  in how they employ these paid aids. Without the right SEO Optimization, you will end up driving traffic to your site that, end the end, will not be the customer base you are looking for.

Which Is Right For Me?

Organic Search Optimization is useful for every website. Your Web Design Team will make sure that the headings for the pages are labeled correctly as well as make sure that the content is in the right locations with the right labels so that google can ready the site easily. Paid Search Results can be helpful if you are promoting for a short period of time. If your web design is correct, you will only have to run a campaign for short duration. After which, your products, or service should speak for itself and word of mouth will spread the existence of your site.

Web Design Costs: Organic Vs. Paid

Organic Search Results



Organic Search Results don’t cost anything apart from the initial fees of your Website builder. They are what search engines automatically index and display. Good Website Design will make these results stand out. This depends on the content of the site itself. Ranking high when searched organically will increase the confidence your viewers have in your website. Organic results cannot be bought and result completely from good layout, design, website content, and SEO Planning.

Paid Search Results


Up To You!

Paid Search Optimization pricing can range DRASTICALLY! What determines the price is…. YOU! You can configure each Paid Search Campaign individually. You set the amount of money you will want to invest each day and Google will rank you according to the time, and search material. Once a users clicks on your ad, you are charged. Once your Quota is reached for the day, the paid ranking stops and starts again the next day. I have seen this DOUBLE traffic to some sites and E-Commerce sites with more traffic make their investment back in advertising in the first quarter of the month!

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