Technical Support

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Pinpoint IT Support and Diagnostics

There are two parts to repairing machines. The first step is finding the root cause of the problem. The second is finding the solution. I honestly can’t tell you which part is more enjoyable! We take pride in our ability to locate the problem and find a solution as fast as possible to get our customers up and running again!

IT Support - PC Troubleshooting

There are a thousand things that can go wrong with a machine. Let us help you pinpoint the problem and find the solution while you focus on whats important to you!

IT Support - Virus Removal

Every day there is a new virus or script with a goal to steal information or just disrupt your day. We have the know how to get you back up and running with the least amount of downtime as possible.

Network Security Assesments

With over 10 years experience in network security, we have the technology to perform Phishing Attacks and other Social Engineering Tactics to test your businesses knowledge of IT Security, afterwards, providing you with a detailed-easy to read assessment to help you locate your weak points and provide training.

Our Team includes English and Spanish speaking Technicians who work to find all loopholes in your companies security infrastructure, saving you THOUSANDS in possible security breaches.

Affordable Technical Support

We are well versed in all platforms! Be it Linux, Mac, or PC

Event Diagnostics

Crashing right a boot up, or crashing after you just completed your term paper? Either way, our IT Support can find the root cause of your issue without breaking the bank.

Virus Removal

Click the wrong link? Watching too much TV on a shady website? Every day there is a new script out there designed to ruin your day. Our IT Support has been fixing these issues for hundreds of customers!

Inspections + Tune Ups

If your PC is just not running like is used to, or you are looking for a way to speed up your machine without spending a bunch in hardware, we can make adjustments to your machine to get it up to speed.

Our Pricing

IT Support – Home Users

We will remotely connect to your machine with your permission and perform only the tasks required. After completing the fix, we will send you a report outlining what was done and how to avoid a reoccurance in the future.

$50 /hr.

Starts from

IT Support – Business Users

We will remotely connect to your machine with your permission and perform only the tasks required. We will work with you on the phone while we perform the fix to get you back online as quick as possible. We understand every second counts when your business is down!

$80 /hr.

Starts from

 IT Support – Virus Removal

We will locate the virus, perform a scan of the machine to remove all traces of it from the file structure as well as the registry.

*  More complicated viruses may require more work. (rootkits, etc…)


Starts from

Full Service PC Repair

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